Kazakhstan Agency of Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing

Our solutions are designed efficiency

  • Kazakhstan Agency of Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing (GIS) is an IT company, the team that implements solutions in the market of information technologies on the past 15 years
  • MISSION of KAGIS – Creation and Promotion Management Solutions territorial resources, development of the Kazakhstan market of geospatial data and technology collection, analysis and publication
  • ACTIVITY PURPOSE OF KAGIS – creation of an integration of products and systems decision support to ensure effective management at national, sectoral and corporate levels


  • Team

    Our experience allows us to solve any problems for the collection, creation, processing, analysis and visualization of geospatial data of any kind.

  • Values

    The close-knit team of highly qualified professionals, credibility and reputation in the professional environment, reliability, stability, sustainability, attention to customer needs and flexibility in the approaches to the implementation of decisions.


    We create solutions for monitoring, control and management to ensure that the analysis of objects, processes and phenomena in the ‘infrastructure of society-nature’ on the basis of the categories time, space and state.


Planning information systems

Extensive experience in data analysis, auditing, information systems and reengineering business processes enables us to develop all kinds of documentation that precedes and accompanies the development of information systems in accordance with the applicable legislation – a feasibility study, terms of reference, the techno-working project and at all stages of life cycle – analysis, design, development, stabilization, and maintenance.

Development and maintenance of IS

We offer complete solutions for territorial and resource management, publishing and analytical data visualization of complex nature, as well as related information files. Integration solutions of KAGIS helps to automate a number of key features of our customers in the framework of registration, monitoring and control, providing a situational analysis and support for operational, tactical and strategic decisions.


Geoportal is an interactive small-scale digital map, providing a single point of access to geospatial information, and providing different functionality – search, browse, download data and metadata, download and publish spatial data and web services in accordance with the access rights. Intuitive web-based interface gives users access to the contents of complex databases, reflecting the state of objects, processes and phenomena in the society, nature and infrastructure.

3D laser subjects shooting

The company has a high-speed laser 3D-scanner for detailed measurement of buildings and structures, also the processes of displacement. With this technology, we create the exact virtual copies of reality, with detailed to millimeters 3D data objects with complex geometry in just a few minutes. The ideal solution for creating 3D-documentation of buildings, monitoring of construction, digitization of cultural and historical heritage.

Remote sensing

Kazakhstan Agency of geographic information systems and remote sensing is the official distributor of the Japanese Earth Remote Sensing Data Analysis Center (ERSDAC) – Center for Analysis of remote sensing data. In 2012 ERSDAC teamed with Japan Resources Observation System and Space Utilization Organization (JAROS) and the Institute for Unmanned Space Experiment Free Flyer (USEF) under the auspices of the Japan Space Systems (J-spacesystems).

GIS Technologies

Experience in the use of geographic information systems for more than 17 years, as well as a deep understanding of the challenges of space technology, electronic cartography, remote sensing and the needs of users allows to increase the efficiency of management tools our customers at all levels – corporate, industry, the public and all stages of development of infrastructure – design, construction , exploitation.

UAV aerial photography

Unmanned aerial vehicles are gaining increasing popularity in the practical application of which are pluses – profitability, the ability to shoot from small heights and near objects, efficiency produce high-resolution images, the ability to use in emergency zones without risk to life and health of pilots. Remote sensing data obtained from the UAV designed for air monitoring and surveillance of small area objects and shooting line features of any length.

Cartography and Topography

The company has many years of experience in topographic and geodetic surveys and extensive skills of ground and remote sensing data to create different topogeodesic, mapping and geospatial products, including situational analysis, evaluation and forecasting maps, accounts, inventory and inventory systems, thematic and three-dimensional visualization of the situation area and infrastructure.



  • Development of portals
  • Creating a GIS
  • Geospatial data
  • Research and development
  • Advice and support
  • Designing and auditing

The collection, storage and visualization of the complex nature

The company has an unprecedented luggage theoretical, methodological and practical results of the design, development, integration of data collection and information systems based on geospatial information


The largest technological breakthroughs include the widespread personal computers, hand-held computers, global positioning systems (GPS), software for geographic information systems (GIS) and the possibility of obtaining low-cost aerial and satellite imagery.


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